Rounded Rectangle: About Me
 I live in Exeter, Devon and have been turning since the year 2006.  I have a workshop based at my home.
I use a wide range of local traditional English woods and a range of other more exotic woods.
On my lathe I produce a wide range of wood turned items.  I have made hundreds of wedding favours, through to functional items such as bowls or pestle and mortars up to decorative fine art pieces. 
I demonstrate wood turning and my favoured items for demonstration are natural edge yew mushrooms / toadstools with captive rings.  I also enjoy demonstrating flowers made from hazel nut sticks coloured with different paints and dyes.  I then make a miniature vase for the flowers.  People passing my demonstrations canít resist watching due to the speed that a piece of wood can be transformed into a tactile finished piece.  
 If you are interested in my work, please do get in touch!
Contact email: click here